Zinzino Business Opportunity


Zinzino offers you the help to start your own business at a low cost,
with the direct sales model.

The main focus is on natural-based preventative medicine and test-based nutrition.

If you need help to start your own business at a low cost, the direct sales model that Zinzino offers is a great way to get you going.

Why Zinzino?

   Facts about Zinzino


  • Launched the global Partner webshop in 2021 and began opening up on new markets in Asia, as well as South Africa, increasing the global presence to 99 markets across the world.

  • Is a health and wellness company, that started out offering luxury coffee in eco-friendly pods mainly

  • in Scandinavian, but now the main market is test-based preventative health products. Especially the Balance concept and the Zinzino Health Protocol.

  • Was founded in 2005 and has had an impressive continuous double-digit growth since 2005.

  • Is listed on the First North Nasdaq stock exchange in Sweden.

  • Is Based in Sweden, with the main office in Gothenburg and a customer support office in Jupiter, Florida, USA.

  • Has more than 200.000 customers and the goal is to become the most customer-friendly direct sales business in the world and reach 20 million customers by 2035.

  • Is the owner of the Faun factory in Norway.

  • Handles all customer service, inventory, shipping, and billing. All you have to do is recommend the products or the business opportunity.

  • Is free to join, but it is advised to buy a starter pack to try the products and have some for giveaways.
      (If you want to join as a free member, this can only be done directly by the person that sponsors you.)


A Business Opportunity With A Purpose.

Zinzino Health Protocol

For more than 10 years scientists have known about the underlying reason for the rise of most lifestyle-related diseases, but nothing has been done to inform the public about it. 

Zinzino is on a quest to change that, by informing about the omega 6:3 balance and helping people to test themselves and get in balance.

Zinzino health products are based on the newest scientific research in the field of pharmaconutrition and preventative medicine.

Zinzino started back in 2005 offering luxury coffee, but some years later, the founder of the company Ørjan Sæle, stumbled upon a concept that helped him with some health issues he had been struggling with for years.

This was the start of the Zinzino health concept and that was when things really started to happen.

You can read more about Zinzino and the story of the company here.


A Customer-Based Direct Sales Company.

In 2005 the EU made a new directive for Network Marketing.
This works as a recommendation for new laws in the member countries.

The essence of the directive is that more than 50% of the commission paid to salespeople, should come from customers outside the commission system.

In other words, this means more customers than partners.

Zinzino was the first to implement the EU directive, making it impossible to earn money, without having far more customers than partners.

About 70% of the customers are from outside the company and other companies in the industry will probably begin to implement the same strategy.


Director Trip

Zinzino also has an annual trip to the partners who qualify. This trip is known as “Director Trip” and is usually held at a warm and luxurious location, with training from some of the best in the industry. If you qualify, the trip is paid for by Zinzino.

Furthermore, Zinzino often launches campaigns to make you take more action.

Your Zinzino website

Your Personal Zinzino Website

When you join as a partner or customer you will receive your personal Zinzino website linked to your partner or customer ID.

If you are a customer, you can use your personal Zinzino website, to refer customers to get zinzino4Free 
(This is also possible as a partner.)

If you are a partner you can refer both partners and customers to your site, which in the longer term can add up to many customer/partners in your organization.

Both partners and customers can log in to their back-office.

Customers can track their orders, manage subscriptions, get the latest news from Zinzino and check up on their zinzino4Free status.

As a partner, you will have a lot of options, tools, and information available to build and manage your business.